C’MON TEAM – The Children’s Home Project in Honduras

A year ago – my friend Wyn Wiley and myself went down to Honduras to do photo and video work for a non-profit called The Children’s Home Project. Almost a year has passed – and those photos continue to sit in a folder on my desktop called “Honduras Blog.” Obviously – I never got to blogging it. There are some experiences in life that you witness that are truly indescribable. And I think that’s why I never shared the images. I didn’t know how to describe the wonderful people of TCHP and the selfless work they do for kids in San Pedro Sula and Progreso. I didn’t know how to describe the laughs that come out of these kiddos mouths when they are looking at their face through a Snapchat filter. I also didn’t know how to describe their backgrounds, their living conditions and the outlook that most have on their future. I couldn’t put into words the energy that Haley, Jilli, Jenny, Franklin and the other supporters of TCHP exude while being support systems for over 40 kids at once. So instead of trying – I didn’t. Now – flash forward almost a year later and we’re back from a second trip to this country that has slowly crept it’s way into my heart. This time when we went back – I knew the kids names. This time – there was a tiny bit more trust that the photos that we took they were actually going to think were “cool” and bueno. This time we weren’t just two strange gringo’s visiting and never coming back. This time was different – and equally as special. The Children’s Home Project is a non-profit that, in their own words, “is currently working with 60 Honduran children. They have been separated from their parents due to abuse, abandonment, neglect or a financial crisis within the family. Many have experienced numerous traumas in their short lives and TCHP seeks to aid them on their path to becoming healthy individuals and contributing members of society. This will be accomplished by bringing together the resources, abilities and passions of individuals, institutions of faith and businesses in both Honduras and the U.S.” Some of the kids we met last year – who wouldn’t dare give us a smile – were giggling their faces off and being the most outgoing and friendly individuals this time around. The strides that TCHP has done to support each and every kid is so tangible. And it’s inspiring. I still feel like this blog post is a waste of my energy because I am terrible at trying to explain experiences – so I would instead encourage you to read their blog. The women who are behind these blog posts are the real heart of the non-profit and the ones on the ground doing the hard stuff. And this year – if you’re unsure what to ask for for Christmas – or want to help support this community – just know there are SO MANY WAYS TO DO SO. From now until January 1st they have a donor who is willing to match donations up to $15,000. This means private school for the kids who are making academic strides, this means Christmas gifts and birthday gifts for kids who might not have them normally, this means jobs for Honduran men and women to work alongside TCHP. It means so much – and it honestly takes so little to do so. So please – check out their Sharing Joy fundraiser this winter and see what you can do. I sponsor two boys, Selvin and Moises. And sending cards and receiving cards from them is the highlight of my year. Seeing them in person is even better – and I am already looking forward to the day I can go back. Honestly, Selvin probably took like half of these images with my camera – he’s getting good! So since I’ve rambled on forever and I don’t even know if I’ve made any sense – here’s the photos. Honduras, I love you.

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Laurel + Mark // Crofoot Ballroom and Downtown Detroit Wedding

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Jordan + Casey // Rockport & Boston, MA

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