Glamorous Belle Isle Casino Summer Wedding in Detroit

On the last real hot day of the season - I was lucky enough to spend the day with Jessica and Dan at the Belle Isle Casino in Downtown Detroit. There's not much to say about these two other than the fact that the are completely made for each other. Their first look was so…

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2019 // looking forward

This year marks my 9th year photographing weddings. Nine!!! It feels a lot like I've been doing it for twenty years but also it feels new at the same time. This year began by attending the All You Witness workshop in March - which reignited my love for honesty, authenticity and honestly - photojournalism. When…

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Madeline + Emma // Ann Arbor Wedding Photojournalism

An excerpt from Emma’s speech on the day she married Madeline: . “I want to thank our queer family who is here tonight. Thank you for all the times you’ve chosen to not drop your partner’s hand as you were walking down the street, all the times you’ve spoken up when it was hard or…

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Brigitte + Dan // Flagstaff Elopement Wedding Journalism

This wedding was too special for me to try to put it into words. Instead - read Brigitte's thoughts followed by my images. If I could give any future couples any advice - it would be to learn something from Brigitte and Dan. "When I reflect on our wedding day my whole being shifts -…

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Fountain Point Inn Lake Leelanau Wedding

Brianne and Jon planned a wedding that made time to slow down, enjoy good music, converse with friends and celebrate each other. The highlight of the day for me was during Brianne and Jon's first dance - Brianne had orchestrated that all of their friends who are musicians come up and join Charlie Whitten (the…

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Grand Haven Camp Blodgett Casual Wedding Reception

Looking back at these photos makes me so nostalgic for summer - even though it’s only October. July is my favorite month. It holds the 4th of July - which is my favorite holiday, my anniversary, and it’s always the hottest, muggiest month of the year. Most people hate it but I thrive while swimming…

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Italy 2019 – Rome, Sorrento, Siena and more

This September myself and 23 of our friends (who feel like family) were lucky enough thanks to the Hughes' to head to Italy yet again for a two week adventure. We stayed near the spanish steps in Rome, visited the Vatican (where Jake was shit on by a bird ... just scroll and you'll see…

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Traverse City Jolly Pumpkin Wedding in Northern Michigan

There's something about weddings in Northern Michigan that feel like magic. It feels like you can relax, take a deep breath and not stress about small things. If you've ever been north and witnessed the bright blue of the Grand Traverse Bay or the dunes - you know what I'm talking about. Being around Caroline…

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Detroit Shinola Hotel Wedding

Paige and John had one of the most thoughtfully curated and visually stunning weddings I've ever been a part of. The Shinola Hotel in downtown Detroit was the perfect space to highlight and honor everything that Paige and John stood for. The second they saw each other during their first look - there was a…

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New York City Seaport District Engagement Session

Meeting Daina and Ben in the area of New York City that they live was like meeting friends I've known for years. They didn't hesitate to immediately be themselves even though there was a camera involved. They pinched each others butt's, rode Citibikes around the block, did cartwheels at their favorite park and ended the…

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