The Children’s Home Project in Honduras // April 2019

If there is one gift that carrying a camera has given to me – it’s the introduction to the community of The Children’s Home Project in Honduras. No matter how hard I try – my time spent there has broke open and changed my heart forever. I’ve met some of my best friends – the kind of people who are there for life – no matter what. I’ve heard and seen about so many hard things. Things that – pictures can’t do justice and words via the internet don’t quite convey. I’ve been inspired to see how much effect just being with someone can do. Not being there to change or to fix them – but being there with them in the hard. No matter what I do to try and verbally explain my time there – it will never do it justice. Even these photos might not – but I will be forever grateful for my camera. It allows me to process what I’m seeing and hopefully share it with all of you. The Children’s Home Project is not a non-profit who thinks they are the savior. They don’t step in to fix what’s wrong. They step in, provide support, and love when things get hard. If you want to learn more about them I recommend you check out their website here. Their words are so, so much better than my own. But here are the pictures – and hopefully they give you a glimpse into the good and the uncomfortable of these incredible humans.

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Downtown Grand Rapids Engagement Session

Lauren and Lucas are the kind of people who when they get in front of a camera, their nervousness translates to the cutest most authentic reactions with each other. They were constantly holding hands, bumping into each other and wrapping ...

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Silver Lake Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Laura and Austin picked me up in Austin’s amazing giant red truck and I squeezed between their two daughters (greyhounds) named Sasha and Rita. We had the most incredible night at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. It was the kind of ...

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Orchard Lake Country Club Wedding

Paige and Taylor treated me with the kind of love and kindness that you treat someone you’ve known your whole life. Their wedding day was a celebration of love and selflessness and I’ve never seen two people truly move together ...

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2018 in Photographs

I don’t even know if the world looks at these blog posts anymore – but I know that I do. Every year I take a week to sit at my computer, go through every shoot I did in the year, ...

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Camp Blodgett Weekend Wedding on Lake Michigan // Mary & Chris

Chris and Mary are the perfect example of what can happen when you decide to make a wedding your own. Who says you can’t spend all weekend sleeping in cabins with your closest friends and family? Who says that instead ...

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The Masonic Wedding // Detroit, MI

Valerie and Kile’s day was an overflow of emotions and unique style. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this day – and highly recommend that you watch the wedding film that Clark Motion Picture Co made. ...

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Luna GR // Grand Rapids, MI Wedding

Laura and Tyler’s wedding at Luna in Grand Rapids was the perfect example of how a wedding can be simple but yet still one thousand percent meaningful. Their day was shorter than most, focusing on the parts that mattered to ...

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New Mexico Museum of Art Wedding // Santa Fe, New Mexico

Casey and Chris asked me to join them in Santa Fe (one of their favorite cities) for one of the most special weddings I’ve ever documented. Immediately following their ceremony, the couple, along with everyone in attendance paraded through the ...

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University of Michigan Museum of Art Wedding // Ann Arbor, MI

There is not much to say other than that I feel extremely honored to have been the photographer chosen to document the marriage of David and Mike. The love they have for each other and for their family and friends ...

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