The Children’s Home Project in Honduras // April 2019

If there is one gift that carrying a camera has given to me – it’s the introduction to the community of The Children’s Home Project in Honduras. No matter how hard I try – my time spent there has broke ...

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My Favorite Moments of 2017

Years keep passing faster and faster. It blows me away to look back at each year and reflect on the amount of people I’ve met, photographed and created relationships with. Every year at this time I find myself pouring over ...

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Micaela + Rob + Ziggy in Chicago, IL

Oh man. You know what’s the best? Seeing incredible humans get married – and then years later seeing how their life has formed and changed and become something even more beautiful. That’s these two. Their wedding was one of the ...

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Reese & Renee // A Morning In-Home Session

Reese and Renee are a husband and wife photographer team.¬†They met in Ohio – were married there – and then promptly packed their bags and moved to Hawaii for a year. They photographed intimate weddings, elopements and more and decided ...

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Italy // The Trip of a Lifetime

It’s hard for me to even write about this trip because it was truly one of the best two weeks of my life. It’s been awhile since I’ve traveled and NOT had to take photos for work. (Not complaining about ...

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Samantha + Mari // Chicago is for Lovers

Samantha and Mari are truly partners in life. After photographing their wedding almost exactly a year ago – I was invited to Chicago to surprise Mari for a little engagement shoot. Thanks to his amazing wife – he was dressed ...

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2015 // favorites + more

There’s so much to say about 2015 – but I just don’t have the words to say it. For me – 2015 was the year that I married Jake. It was the year that we bought a house. It was ...

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2014 // a wrap-up

When I look through these images it’s impossible for me not to get a little emotional. It’s easy to look at this post and see a bunch of photos. But what changes it from something ordinary to something extraordinary is ...

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Chrissy + Justin // Lexington, KY Engagement Session

There is something SO refreshing about traveling to new places to take photos. Shooting in the same field near my house can become pretty mundane – and although I still love it and do my best to take unique photos ...

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One to Guide // Never Hold Back

I am pretty sure that I had the opportunity to photograph Grand Rapid’s most attractive and fun family. And it was the Van Weavers. Ann, Nick and their two daughters, London Moxie and Jaden Lili (best names ever, am I ...

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