2015 // favorites + more

  There's so much to say about 2015 - but I just don't have the words to say it. For me - 2015 was the year that I married Jake. It was the year that we bought a house. It was the year that at the end of the wedding season I felt equally drained…

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  Looking back on these images I can't help but smile and be so grateful for all of the incredible women I have met thanks to this photo journey that started a little over a year ago. The Fearless Sessions have been my favorite thing that I've photographed EVER and I hope that these images…

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2014 // a wrap-up

    When I look through these images it's impossible for me not to get a little emotional. It's easy to look at this post and see a bunch of photos. But what changes it from something ordinary to something extraordinary is understanding and realizing that these images are actually moments. These are little snap…

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  I think I've found my most favorite thing to shoot in the world. And it's this. It's putting women in a room, making them feel beautiful, topping their head with a magical flower crown and giving them some images that make them ask "THAT'S ME?!" This last installment of the Fearless Sessions was the…

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thoughts on being fearless and seeing yourself through a different lens

  I remember the first time I looked at myself in one of those mirrors that shows you at all angles - and noticed that the skin above my hips fell over the waist line of my pants. I remember staring at it in shock - having no idea that it was even there to…

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  I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS POST. Also a little nervous. But mostly excited. So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen me talk about the Fearless Session ... it's going to be amazing. As women, we are constantly being told what is beautiful ... long legs, long hair,…

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2013 // the best year

  I don't even know where to begin. This summer marked the third year that I had the opportunity to photograph the weddings of SO many wonderful couples. Twenty-six of them, in fact. From small backyard weddings to fancy formal affairs I was able to witness some of the most beautiful moments. I left every…

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  2012. Whoa. Looking through these photos is definitely one of those "pinch me it can't be real" moments. It doesn't even seem real. I know everyone is saying it, but I am so incredibly blessed to be able to capture moments as a career. Thank you to every family, every couple, every person who…

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