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Hi! I’m Abbey and I believe in giving you the gift of truthful imagery and an honest account of your wedding day.

My name is Abbey and I am so thankful you’re here. I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Grand Rapids, MI and I’ve been photographing weddings since 2010.

Your wedding day is the culmination of all of the people who raised you, built you and are a part of you. Everyone you love and who loves you plays a role. Your wedding day is incredibly precious. It is a once in a lifetime event that you hand picked the people who are in attendance. I realize the importance of those invitations, the importance of those who helped make you.

I am aware of the incredible responsibility and honor that you would be giving to me as your photographer, and I promise to hold your wedding day with the seriousness and gravity that it deserves. I realize that these are the photos that will travel with you until the end of your time. I may have shot over 150 weddings, but I know that this is your first with the person you love. I promise to treat it that way. You can trust me with your story. I promise that as a witness – I will never try and change it.

Your wedding photos will be unique not because I made them that way, but because your story is unique. Your family is unique. The life you have lived until this point is unique and worthy. The beautiful thing is that your wedding day would happen whether or not photos are taken. I want you to think about what you would spend it doing if photos were not a part of that – and I want to make that happen for you.

On the wedding day – I will be where my feet are. I will not be thinking about the wedding that I shot the week prior or the one the following week. I will not compare your decorations to the ones in magazines. I will be seeing your day as it is and feeling completely honored and unworthy to be there. I will walk into your wedding day with zero expectations of what should be made and instead be overwhelmed with excitement of what WILL happen.

Abbey as a child at the beach

I was born in 1989 and came out as a very pale, Irish gal who loves the beach. I am probably wearing 100SPF in this photograph. And I probably still got sunburned. This photo could be taken today and it would literally look identical.

This is my brother and I clearly enjoying having our Christmas card taken. These are the kind of photos I will cherish forever and want to give you.

I went to Michigan State University and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Dance in 2011. I learned a lot about story-telling and making connections these four years. I wouldn’t trade my four years in college for anything.

I went to prom with Jake (my husband) in 2008 and began what would be the first (and last) big relationship in my life. He’s my best friend.

After graduation in 2011, I moved to Wisconsin for a job doing graphic design. It was an incredible growing but sometimes lonely year for me. I met lifelong friends and really discovered that I wanted to be a photographer. I edited photos when my boss wasn’t looking.

I just need you all to know that I love Harry Potter so much. I re-read the series once a year and just truly cannot get enough. If you are having a Harry Potter themed wedding, please oh please hire me.

On the snowiest of days in Rocky Mountain National Park, Jake made my jaw drop to the floor when he proposed. It was the best day! I love being able to put myself in the shoes of my bride’s and groom’s and understand how exciting and magical this time is.

In July of 2015 I married my best friend. He races cars, he changes my tires, he cooks the best fried chicken and he’s like a human space heater. Our smiles were so aggressive this day – because it was really one of the most fun days of our lives. Getting married myself completely re-shaped the way I treated wedding photography and I’d love to tell you more about that when we talk.

This is our dog-child McCoy. He has the biggest head and the weirdest mannerisms. He enjoys eating rotisserie chicken, peanut butter filled kongs and also has anxiety over the sound of women coughing. He’s a weirdo and we love him so much.

Abbey with her family

My family means more to me than anything. Things haven’t always been easy – but we’re the strongest group I know. My brother is 28 and has autism. My parents are divorced – but have always taught me that you can still be an incredible parent even if you’re not together. The memories I have with these humans are my most cherished.

And here’s me today. I’m constantly trying to figure out and dissect what photos make me feel alive and what drives me to do this job. I’m always watching either Shameless, Game of Thrones or repeats of The Office. My favorite thing to do at the end of the day is curl up and read under a heated blanket.

Want to know a little bit more about me?


It sounds cliche, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but besides your actual spouse the only thing that you get to take home from your wedding is your photos. So why not invest in something that has meaning, won’t go out of style and is such a blessing to your future family members.

Wedding coverage starts at $4000.

Portrait sessions start at $600.

Please inquire for detailed pricing and package information. Please use contact form or e-mail abbeymoorephoto@gmail.com. Located in Michigan and available for travel worldwide.

Kind words from happy clients These words are real and I'm ever so thankful.

The best way to know if you should make a purchase is reading reviews. Please feel free to see what any of my past clients have said about my photos or my presence at their wedding, click one of the links below and read away!


How far do you travel for sessions?

I am based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I am more than willing to travel anywhere and everywhere to meet your photographic needs. I am so passionate about traveling and meeting new people, so there is no limit to where I will go.

How many photos will I get in my package?

I will give you anywhere between 600 and 1000 photos of your wedding day. This all depends on the length of coverage as well as the type of wedding you have. For portrait sessions it depends on the type of session and time – but it will always be plenty of photos.

How do I book a date with you?

When you book a wedding with me, you will send me a 50% deposit. This deposit holds your spot and is non-refundable. The rest of the money will be paid a month before the wedding. You will also e-sign a contract as soon as I receive your verbal agreement. The most important step – is e-mailing me and filling out a contact form on my page!

If you are interested in just a portrait session – we will discuss availability as soon as you decide to move forward with pricing. Most portrait sessions are shot in accordance to the best light – which is usually the first two hours after sunrise or the two before sunset. Portrait sessions are also done on weekdays.

Do you take posed family photos on a wedding day?

Of course! These are super important. The legacy of your family is very important to me.

How long until I can see my photos?

For weddings, your photos will be available 6-8 weeks after the event. I personally sort through thousands of photos to choose your collection as well as edit every single one. Once they are complete I will send you the link to your gallery and send them immediately. For other sessions, you can assume a shorter time period – something closer to four weeks.

What is a “first look” and should we consider doing one?

A “first look” is seeing your fiancée before the ceremony and shooting your portrait session. It can be incredibly beneficial to ensuring that you can also enjoy our wedding day. So often – when photos get pushed to after the ceremony, my couples have to miss their cocktail hour. My goal is for you to be as present as possible – and sometimes being able to see each other prior to the ceremony can rid yourself of the pre-wedding anxieties and jitters.

What is your approach to photographing a wedding?

First and foremost, I consider myself a truth teller. My background is in journalism – and so much of that has shaped who I am. The day is such a whirlwind, and my goal is to capture the moments that are fleeting and fast. I never want to alter your wedding day reality, instead I want to appreciate and find beauty in the things that make you unique. The little details, the faces your family members make, the hugs your friends give you. All of these things are so important to me.

It’s also important to me to stay true to the fact that your wedding day is not a photoshoot. It’s a day of celebration and joy – and I want to enhance that – not hinder it. My goal is to capture your day, give you images that provide you with a portal to the past and be there for you as support.

Do you work with a specific shot list or a description of photos that I am looking for?

I find that the beauty of wedding photography is in the surprise and the uniqueness of each event. What keeps me in the wedding business is the fact that every wedding is so different. I prefer not to work off of a shot list you found somewhere on a wedding website but instead focus on giving you images that are authentic to your story. I will however work with you prior to the wedding on recognizing who is important, a list of family formals as well as other important aspects of the day that need to be photographed.

How do I prepare for working with you?

I just want you to know that it’s completely okay to be yourself. I love authentic humans – and I don’t ever want you to feel like you need to be a certain way to be photographed. I want you to be vulnerable, let go and know that I’ve completely got you.

The best part about being in this business for several years has been the opportunities to teach others. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the guiding hands of others before me. I teach one-on-one mentor sessions to newer photographers all of the time – and would love to get to know you! To find out more information – click here.

I also offer group Fearless Sessions that are perfect for bachelorette parties or any other get together with your best gals. Fill out an inquiry and ask for information on special group pricing! Also subscribe here to get the latest information on the next group session!

I’m also a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. My BFF Bri and I have started a Grey’s Anatomy podcast this year (yup – we are that serious) called The On-Call Room. We’ve started the series from the beginning and are rewatching and commenting on each one. Each episode is a little bit of Grey’s and a lot about real life. You can find us on iTunes here!

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