The Year 2020 in Photos

Every year since 2011 I’ve collected my favorite images and compiled them into one big blog post. This started as a way to show off all the work I’ve done, and has turned into a way for me to have a visual representation of every year. This year feels extremely important. As most people were inside of their homes, seeing their small bubbles of people, I felt an extreme sense of honor to be able to witness so many important moments. My January started with an epic large Chicago wedding and a trip to Honduras in February. Having no idea it would be the last time I get to see my friends there for at least a year. My March and April was spent photographing over 100 sessions via Facetime. It allowed me to virtually and safely enter peoples homes and document pregnancies, new babies, marriages and people’s quaranteams. As the weather warmed we ventured outside. Events took place but completely reimagined. Everything was different than we had expected. My year ended with an eight person intimate wedding ceremony that was performed because nothing is guaranteed, including their future wedding date.

This year I was so impressed by the resilience of those around me. Couples who had huge weddings planned had to pivot and create smaller, intimate backyard weddings. Some pushed their wedding dates to 2021. Some pushed it to 2022. Everyone grieved, but no one complained. Zooming or Facetiming family members became the norm. iPads got a front row seat to weddings. Masks went from hard to find, to custom designed to match the wedding decor. We got really good at air hugs and eye smiles. Instead of big dance parties we had intimate dinners with long conversations. The things that matter the most became the focus of the day, and the things that were added bonuses were not missed. Emotions were at the forefront and we treasured those who could be present.

I’m trying not to sound repetitive, or like everyone else with a blog they write in – but I am genuinely so thankful for the moments I’ve witnessed. Among the moments of darkness seeing these snapshots brought me joy on a sad day, hope on a day when our world seems lost and connection when it was easy to feel alone. I hope that by looking at them you’re reminded of what we’ve gone through and survived this year, and that we can do hard things. Thank you, so much.


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