Lakeshore Resort and Saugatuck Center for the Arts

Even before COVID19 struck the US in March, Andrea and Nick knew that they wanted to have an intimate ceremony with their closet family and friends. I still remember our first conversation where they emphasized that they wanted their day to include the things that they love the most – their bike cruisers, a sailboat ride and being present with the people around them. Their day started without any fuss – meeting at the Lakeshore Resort for a first look and a walk around the grounds together. They drove themselves to the Center or Arts where they had a beautiful intimate ceremony led by a friend and Andrea’s Dad even played violin during the ceremony. Family who was out of the country tuned in via Zoom and quite a few tears were shed. Following their ceremony they escaped on a sailboat ride with one of their siblings for a cruise around the channel where bachelorette parties and yacht’s clapped and cheered for them. After an hour cruise they were welcomed back to their reception by more family and friends who enjoyed the most incredible cocktail hour and reception in the garden of the art center. It was really a beautiful, personal and relaxed day that I feel lucky to have been invited to join.

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