Camp Geneva and Sandy Point Beach House Wedding

These two incredible and funny humans are made for each other in more ways than one. In this album you will see both of them pick each other up at different events – completely unscripted. They also have about 5 nicknames at a minimum for each other. Cills morning was spent dancing with her best friends and her Mom in her childhood home right before she put on her wedding dress in the room she grew up in – leaning into the wall with her eyes closed when she saw what she looked like in it. Matt took the time to hug each of his groomsmen for a photo-op and/or shake their hand in seriousness and the ceremony was held at Camp Geneva – where Cills worked during a summer camp. (Spoiler alert: I did too!!!!) They rounded out their day at the Sandy Point Beach House for a perfect summer evening of boat drinks, french fries and dancing. I just love them. I also think it’s important to note that they planned this wedding in less than six months – and that it’s completely doable. The spontaneity of this event is something I’ll always remember.


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