South Haven Bluff Small Ceremony

Ally and John had to postpone their large Detroit wedding – but that didn’t stop them from still getting married in June as planned. Instead of 100’s of guests they had their immediate family and close friends gather as they had the most laid back and heartfelt ceremony along Lake Michigan in South Haven. John and his family showed up and spread flower petals, laid two potted plants down and applied sunscreen while they waited for Ally and her family to show up via golf cart. Their “first look” happened as Ally drove the golf cart right to the edge of the aisle. There were no seats for their guests – but it didn’t matter because everyone was so incredibly present and invested to every second of the beautiful ceremony. Picnic goers and bicycle riders watched on from the sidewalk and everyone cheered when they kissed. It was a beautiful day and I am so thankful to have witnessed it.

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