Intimate Indianapolis Wedding

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word PIVOT lately. How – in mid March we all completely had to pivot the way we moved about the world. Kids came home from school, spare bedrooms were turned into offices, health care workers had to put their lives on the line. For the most part – it felt like we collectively made a choice, changed our ways and put in the work (again, for the most part).

My wedding couples had to pivot big time. They went from getting close to the date they had been planning for over a year – to planning a completely new event. Losing deposits, pairing down guest lists, finding new venues and creating a new image of their wedding day. And to be honest – they’ve done it with more grace than I ever could have. Large parties have turned into groups under 25. They’ve added a “entire guest” item to the family photo list – because why not? It wasn’t what they imagined, but it’s what they had to do – and again – they changed their ways and put in the work.

The world feels like it’s pivoting right now. My brain has been forever altered. I’ve learned things that I’m ashamed I didn’t know before. I feel like I’m seeing things through a much more in focus lens than before – and I’m ready to put in the work and do my part. Life feels like a constant pivoting. The path that we think we are on, we aren’t actually in control of at all. It’s such a false narrative. But I do believe we are in charge of the way we react to change. And I hope that this time, the pivot leads us into a better world.

Some images from Ali and JP’s wedding. Which should have happened in May, in Michigan with hundreds of guests. Instead, it happened in Indianapolis, the day after they moved to a new city. Their house still in boxes, their close friends and family gathered near.

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