Watermark Country Club Summer Wedding

Lauren and Kevin had one of the best summer evenings I think all year. It was the kind of summer day that wasn’t too hot, there was not one cloud in the sky and the sunset seemed to take longer than normal – casting long beautiful shadows and golden bursts onto everything it touched. The two things that stand out to me the most during this day are the lavender seed exit that I don’t think Lauren and Kevin anticipated just how much lavender would be stuck to their clothes – as well as the cocktail hour. I wrote about it in a past Instagram caption …

“The photographer I was a few years ago would have told my couple that “the golden hour is here!” I even remember on my own wedding day telling Jake that “the sunset doesn’t wait!” As a photographer you know that it’s the time of day that makes the most magical light. However – as I’ve done this job more and more and thought back to my own wedding day is not in existence for the photos. It has nothing to do with the photos. And golden hour tends to happen right when couples are beginning to dance or visit their guests or even eat their cake. On Saturday – I had that old pull – the light was perfect and so I asked Lauren and Kevin if they wanted to go take photos. But they were smart – and they said they’d rather dance. A decision that years down the road they will remember far more than taking photos in the sun. So I had to do the thing I’ve been re-learning, which is mourn the photos that could have happened – and instead celebrate what’s happening right there in front of me. And my friends, it is so much better. Lauren and Kevin shared their own moment right before their first dance in the magical light and it was so much better than anything I could have created. My job on your wedding day isn’t to create art for myself. It’s to document what’s happening and make it artful. And it’s so, so much better.”

Huge shoutout to All Buttoned Up Events for styling and making this day run so perfectly!

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