2019 // looking forward

This year marks my 9th year photographing weddings. Nine!!! It feels a lot like I’ve been doing it for twenty years but also it feels new at the same time. This year began by attending the All You Witness workshop in March – which reignited my love for honesty, authenticity and honestly – photojournalism. When I shot my first two weddings in 2011 I was actually just doing it while applying to newspapers and magazines. I wanted to be a visual storyteller – I just didn’t know that weddings were going to be my currency.

More than anything – I am incredibly thankful for the people who were vulnerable enough to be in front of the camera. Existing in this world can be hard enough – but putting yourself out there to be captured in a real and authentic way takes bravery. It’s much easier to know that the photo you’re in is going to be perfect, posed and falsified. Getting a photo of your real life? Your real story? That takes vulnerability. Because the real stuff doesn’t have a bow tied on top. But years later – the real stuff is going to be what matters. So thank you to the brides, grooms, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends who were willing to show me what it looks like to love, to laugh, to cry and to feel sad.

2019 felt like a step closer to telling the truth. For 2020 I want it to be even closer. Less apologizing for who we are and more taking up space and being unapologetic. Less trying to impress and more doing what makes us happy. Less “sweating for the wedding” and more being comfortable in our own skin. Less picking apart our flaws and more celebrating our strengths. If anything – I hope that if my camera is in front of you in 2020 you know that I am not judging you.  I want you to know that your story, your relationship, and your family is as important as the next person.

I thought I would try and pare down this gallery because there’s no way anyone is going to have the attention span to sift through 400 images – but they all matter to me. There should be at least one photo from every session I did this year – and it makes me cry a little bit to scroll through it. Thank you for showing up and for being unapologetically you.

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