Madeline + Emma // Ann Arbor Wedding Photojournalism

An excerpt from Emma’s speech on the day she married Madeline:
“I want to thank our queer family who is here tonight. Thank you for all the times you’ve chosen to not drop your partner’s hand as you were walking down the street, all the times you’ve spoken up when it was hard or scary to do so. We hope that you feel that tonight is a celebration of not just our relationship but of everyone in the community – especially those of us who still have to hide who they are today. We’re celebrating for the people who are before us that were robbed of this experience and who fought for us to have it. They’re with us today, and we’re grateful for the sacrifices that they made for us to get to where we are now. And we’re so grateful for all of you, for the love you give us and the support that we feel from our community always.”
Feeling grateful to have witnessed this special day.

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