Grand Haven Camp Blodgett Casual Wedding Reception

Looking back at these photos makes me so nostalgic for summer – even though it’s only October. July is my favorite month. It holds the 4th of July – which is my favorite holiday, my anniversary, and it’s always the hottest, muggiest month of the year. Most people hate it but I thrive while swimming in the lake, riding a bike and being in the sun as much as possible. I usually don’t take 4th of July weddings – but Alle and Brad’s wedding was at Camp Blodgett – where I was married 4 years prior. It’s my favorite venue in West Michigan and Lake Michigan makes everything magical. Alle and Brad were married in Mexico with just their families during the winter –  and instead of your typical wedding they decided to throw a major bash for their closest family and friends. They ditched the ceremony and opted for speeches, a sit down dinner, and fireworks on the deck. It was dreamy and perfect and being a part of Camp Bralle was the perfect way to spend my July 5th.



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