Luna GR // Grand Rapids, MI Wedding

Laura and Tyler’s wedding at Luna in Grand Rapids was the perfect example of how a wedding can be simple but yet still one thousand percent meaningful. Their day was shorter than most, focusing on the parts that mattered to them, and I met them in a parking lot before they saw each other for the first time. This first photo just explains everything you need to know about Laura. She drove herself to her own first look, clad in high heels and her homemade dress, and she greeted me with the worlds biggest smile and a hug. She’s one of the kindest individuals I’ve had the chance to meet this year – and this day was utterly perfect. The duo hungout with their wedding party at a nearby park before heading to their ceremony. They exited the ceremony to bubbles from their guests and jumped into their Honda CRV and drove just the two of them to their reception. The night was spent eating tacos, scooping Loves Ice Cream and dancing with their closest friends.

I wish that all couples would just to celebrate their day how they want to celebrate it, like these two did. I’m so grateful to have met them.

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