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Hi! I’m Abbey and I believe in genuine connections, artful photography and working with people who aren’t afraid of authenticity.

My daily uniform is usually made up of a top bun, yoga pants and going makeup free. On a typical work day you can find me drinking coffee with french vanilla creamer, cuddling on the couch with my dog McCoy and watching re-runs of Parks and Recreation while getting things done. My husband, Jake, and I grew up on Lake Michigan and I don’t think that I could live anywhere that wasn’t close to a body of water. I live for summer sunsets, good barbecues, bonfires and a glass of pinot noir. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and unafraid to admit that I re-read the series almost every year.

I’m probably the most nostalgic person that you’ve ever met and I’m constantly diving into old photographs, my high school CD collection and anything that brings me back in time. (Including my old LiveJournal).  And when I really think about it — that’s probably how I ended up becoming a photographer. My camera and it’s incredible / crazy / freaking / ability to capture a moment in time fuels my fire. My hope is that you can look back at your photographs and think to yourself,

“Yes. I remember this. I remember that feeling. I remember why I smiled like that.” I want you to also become a memory hoarder like me. Because in reality these moments are what create our life and why would we want to forget that?

My photography style might not be for everyone. I don’t know how to airbrush skin and I’m not going to learn — I think your freckled face is pretty rad the way it is. If the wind is blowing your hair and it looks amazing, I’m going to let it do it’s thing for a bit. Besides telling the story of you, your life, your wedding day, I’m also there to create art for you. And sometimes art means standing on the side of a street to get that perfect patch of sunlight. I want to create photos that set you apart and make you say “damn, I look good.” My clients are not just a number to me. They are real people who I want to connect with. And I hope that they want to connect with me as well. Because it’s not a one-sided deal. You give me a little bit of you, and I’ll return the favor with images that tell that story. Working on a shoot with me is more like hanging out and sharing a bit of who you are. So get ready to be vulnerable, share your love and laugh a little (okay – a  lot). And if you want to hangout in the meantime – click here!

Abbey as a child at the beach

Hi! This is where the story starts. I was born in 1989 and came out as a very pale, Irish gal who loves the beach. I am probably wearing 100SPF in this photograph. And I probably still got sunburned.

Abbey as a child with a camera

Ah, yes – the first camera selfie. The “I’m a photographer now” photo that everyone who got a DSLR took. If taking a photo of yourself in a poorly lit bathroom doesn’t make you legit, then I don’t know what does.

Perhaps my first photography project. We all start somewhere. I bet you really want to hire me now, don’t you? At least I’m real …

I went to Michigan State University and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Dance (made sense at the time) in 2011. I learned a lot about story-telling and making connections these four years. I wouldn’t trade my four years in college for anything. They were the best. (Photo by Kurt Stepnitz)

I went to prom with Jake (my husband!) in 2008 and began what would be the first (and last) big relationship in my life. He’s the best. Look how young and afraid we look here!

Before anyone would hire me to take photos of them, I was stuck shooting self-portraits of Jake and myself. Lucky him! Featuring: my stuffed dog Mutsie, puppy stickers on my mini fridge and obviously a Jason Mraz poster.

After graduation in 2011, I moved to Wisconsin for a job doing graphic design. It was an incredible growing but sometimes lonely year for me. I met lifelong friends and really discovered that I wanted to be a photographer. I edited photos when my boss wasn’t looking (sorry Uncle Steve).

I am REALLY obsessed with Harry Potter. Those books were a constant to my childhood and the movies for my years in college. I still read the series every year and a few years ago got my second tattoo – the last line of the last book. So please don’t hesitate to discuss theories, talk about Fantastic Beasts or any other magical topics with me.

This is a poorly edited photo of me photographing my first wedding ever. I had one camera and one lens. If you were wondering, it miraculously went well. This was the summer of 2012. Over a hundred later … here I am today.

After a year of being a cheese-head, I moved back to Michigan (Grand Rapids specifically) and started photographing weddings full time. I also got McCoy and the hashtag #mccoypuppy was born. (Photo by Emily Dykema).

On the snowiest of days in Rocky Mountain National Park, Jake made my jaw drop to the floor when he proposed and surprised the shit out of me. It was the best day! We look much more sure of ourselves in this photo than the earlier 2008 photo.

I went to Nicaragua in 2015 and learned to surf with a bunch of other kick-ass girls as part of the Surf With Amigas retreats. It was the best week of my life – I still have surf dreams! So if anyone wants to have a Nicaragua wedding please invite me.

July 25, 2015 – I married the most amazing man on the planet. He races cars, he changes my tire, he cooks the best fried chicken and he’s like a human space heater. Jake is the best and please look at our aggressive smiles going on here. Now, I can say I know what it’s like to be a bride. Photo by Studio Castillero.

Abbey with her family

My family is the most important thing in my life. Spending time with them is always a top priority and more than likely while hanging out with me you will hear stories about them. Pictured here is my twin (aka my Mom), my brother Trevor who is 26 and has autism and my really cool Dad. Photo by Studio Castillero. Want to learn more about me? Click here!

Want to know a little bit more about me?


It sounds cliche, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but besides your actual spouse the only thing that you get to take home from your wedding is your photos. So why not invest in something that has meaning, won’t go out of style and is such a blessing to your future family members. I’m not oblivious to the fact that good wedding photography comes at a price. But what you’re getting with me is more than just the final photos. It’s an ear if you need someone in the industry to listen, it’s someone who will make sure your hair looks hella good before you walk down the aisle and it’s someone who is going to be on top of every detail the day of the wedding. I want to work with couples who aren’t worried about the Pinterest boards full of small details but instead are planning their wedding around their relationship and union. Those are the couples that make the best team and are who I want to invest my time with.

Contact for wedding pricing

Portrait sessions start at $600.

Please inquire for detailed pricing and package information. Please use contact form or e-mail abbeymoorephoto@gmail.com. Located in Michigan and available for travel worldwide (for real – I even went to Austria this year for a wedding!)

Kind words from happy clients These words are real and I didn't even bribe them.

I’ve never paid for advertisements and I’ve never bribed any of these people to write me a review (Ok, just kidding. I gave them some print sales). If you care to see what any of my past clients have thought about my photos or my presence at their wedding, click one of the links below and read away! And if you’ve worked with me in the past and want to get 30% off a print order — submit a review! Much love.


How far do you travel for sessions?

I am based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I am more than willing to travel anywhere and everywhere to meet your photographic needs. Anything over an hour drive will require a small travel fee (gas coverage) and anything beyond driving distance will require a travel quote. At the time of the inquiry I will put together a travel fee so that it can be approved and negotiated right away. I am passionate about traveling and meeting new people, so I do not limit myself to any location.

How many photos will I get in my package?

I will give you anywhere between 600 and 1000 photos of your wedding day. This all depends on the length of coverage. I promise it will be more than you know what to do with.

How do I book a date with you

When you book a wedding with me, you will send me a $1500 deposit. This deposit holds your spot and is non-refundable. The rest of the money will be paid a month before the wedding. You will also e-sign a contract as soon as I receive your verbal agreement. The most important step – is e-mailing me and filling out a contact form on my page!

How long do you spend on family photos?

On a wedding day I will spend no more than 15-30 minutes on family photos. I will give you more info on this upon booking. My goal is to make these and fun and painless as possible – while still giving you quality images of your favorite people! Trust me – I know family is so incredibly important – but I also don’t want you to to have to maneuver through your 25 person family. 

Can I put my photos on Facebook?

Yes. With proper credit of course. I ask that you please mention in the caption who took the photo or just simply tag my Facebook page or Instagram account. My business has only succeeded through word of mouth. By tagging my business in your profile photo you are supporting me more than you even know! Also – please don’t put one of those hella-ugly Instagram filters over the photo. I’ll cry inside.

How long until I can see my photos?

For weddings, your photos will be available 6-8 weeks after the event. It takes a long time to edit hundreds of photos and ensure that they look absolutely perfect. Once they are complete I will send you the link to your gallery and send them immediately. For other sessions, you can assume a shorter time period … something more like four weeks!

What is a “first look” and should we consider doing one?

YES YES YES! A “first look” is seeing your fiancée before the ceremony and shooting your portrait session. It’s absolutely wonderful because you are freshly ready and everything is perfect. You also get to schedule how much time is set for the shoot instead of only having what time is left over after the rest of the formals. That way, after your wedding ceremony, there is nothing left to worry about except going to the reception and having a blast. If you want to see some examples, please inquire and I will show you some that I promise will change your mind. I can also promise you that at my wedding my first look was equally as special as walking down the aisle. In fact – I still cried like a baby walking down the aisle.

Why is full day coverage important and is there a time limit?

Sometimes (okay – most times) weddings run off schedule. I want to ensure that you don’t need to be stressed on your wedding day – and I don’t want you to ever feel like you need to cram everything in before 7:00pm and I walk out the door. The reason I love weddings is that I love to tell stories – and that story starts when your Mom is helping you put on your wedding dress – and ends when your friends are drunkenly dancing with your Grandma. Typically this time frame ends up being no more than 10 hours – but we will work together to create a timeline and a time frame that suits both of our needs. Plus – don’t you want to dance with me at your wedding? My favorite song is Footloose.

What is your approach to photographing a wedding?

I think my overall approach has two aspects to it. The first, being photojournalistic. My background is in journalism (I graduated with a journalism degree and worked with newspapers for awhile). So for every single aspect of your day EXCEPT formal portraits, I am the fly on the wall running around your wedding like a madwoman capturing everything. My goal is to catch the moments that you might not notice because the day is such a whirlwind. Things like the details, the faces of your family members when you walk down the aisle, hugs between friends, etc. However, when it comes time to formal portraits, I do pride myself in knowing how to work with people to make them comfortable and give them images where they believe they look fabulous. Not everyone knows what to do in front of the camera, and my goal is to help you feel your best and look your best to achieve some amazing art. While still catching the candid in between moments and the mistakes that end up being my favorite photos.

Do you work with a specific shot list or a description of photos that I am looking for?

My hope is that you hire me because you like my work. That being said, it also means that you fit with my style of shooting and you do not micromanage everything I do. I always ask that brides and grooms send me a list of family formals they would like, but after that, my photos are the most successful if there is a trust between us that you know I will capture what needs to be captured … etc. It’s kind of like the analogy that you don’t hire a plumber and tell him how to fix your toilet … you hire him because you know he will do it right. I would hope that you hire me because you are comfortable with my work.

Myself and two other incredible photographers (Wyn Wiley & Ellie Be) have created a workshop for young photographers to discover more about who they are, what kind of work they want to create and how to build a business that suits their lifestyle. It’s called the Own It Workshop and we have had one in Colorado and one in Lake Tahoe, Nevada! To find out more information check out our website here!

I also offer group Fearless Sessions that are perfect for bachelorette parties or any other get together with your best gals. Fill out an inquiry and ask for information on special group pricing! Also subscribe here to get the latest information on the next group session!

If you’re looking to grow your own business and want insider tips on how to get started and where to go from here – subscribe to my newsletter! It’s kind of like virtually hanging out. Ready set go!

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