I think I’ve found my most favorite thing to shoot in the world. And it’s this. It’s putting women in a room, making them feel beautiful, topping their head with a magical flower crown and giving them some images that make them ask “THAT’S ME?!”

This last installment of the Fearless Sessions was the bomb.com. First of all – the location we got to use was so incredible and had SO much space. I am forever now retiring my bedroom for fearless sessions. It served it’s purpose and we have moved on to bigger and better things. This time I also had my gal pal Ann VanWeaver (she works at brindle&blonde) to do hair+makeup and WHOA. She is a rockstar. Plus it was fun to have someone to hang with and drink mimosas with!

I am in no way done with these sessions. I want to keep doing them. So many more of them. I have a current wait list going for Grand Rapids right now so if you want on that just shoot me an e-mail (abbeymoorephoto@gmail.com) and let me know! I think they will be sometime in February though that is just the idea in my head today.

THAT BEING SAID. I am pretty sure that the Fearless Sessions will be headed to NYC this spring! However – I need a ton of girls to want to have their photos taken to make it work! So if you live in the big apple – or you know someone that does – let me know! As soon as I get enough girls interested I will make the date final and start taking deposits. Yeaaahhh!!! So excited.

Okay so please admire all the beauty that is below. These women are incredible. They are Moms, daughters, photographers, newlyweds, single ladies and all around amazing people. I am blessed to know all of them.

p.s. Just Delightful Events did the flower crowns and damn is she ever talented. Go hire her!


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