Goodmorning world! Today I have some extremely exciting news. As a little background to this “news” … I graduated with a journalism degree. Four years ago, my dream was to be an international photojournalist traveling the world and sharing exciting and challenging stories to the public. In a way, I think I am still doing this, but on a smaller scale, and a different story. The story that I completely became consumed with after shooting my first wedding. YOUR story. I become inspired when I am sharing your life with others. Your joy, your passions, your family, everything that makes YOU unique. But, since it’s the slow season and I’m still just starting out, I am missing the art of story telling. I want to do more with my camera, more with the gift that I believe has been given to me. I think that besides weddings and engagements there are people in this world who are heroes, survivors, and inspirations. I want to share their story too.

This all started when I stumbled across the wonderful and fabulous Seattle-based photographer Andria Lindquist. She is a complete rock star. She challenges herself and shoots pictures so authentically, and real. After looking at a session of hers, it’s impossible not to feel like you know the couple she is working with. In addition to her outstanding engagement and wedding photography, she started something called Inspira(shown) — pronounced Inspiration. She’s also a brilliant writer, so I’m going to let her words do the explaining of what it is…

“Inspira(shown) is a monthly project i do. a story that needs to be told. a story and person that needs to be honored. a spirit that must be captured. where someone who reads this blog knows of someone. or someone they know knows someone. and they nominate them. tell me their story and why they are an inspiration and i get to meet, listen, talk, plan and shoot with them. share their story here. honor them. and inspire others. it’s something that has been on my heart and something i know i am called to do. something i love to do.

so what would this person look like? really, it can be anyone, anywhere, anything. it doesn’t necessarily even have to be in Seattle (or Milwaukee, in my case). trust me, more amazing things have happened than travel.

it can be a story of achievement or of patience. one that moves others. inspires. and honors someone that you respect and admire. it is someone you look at and just know that others will be blessed and encouraged by hearing their story.

i want their to be variety and for you to know there basically aren’t any rules surrounding this. please don’t think the story you have is not good enough. if someone has inspired you or moved you or you just know someone who has demonstrated an immovable spirit and strength…please, let me know. this will be a *free* session at no cost to anyone, it’s not and never about money. they could very well be quite wealthy (or not at all) and be able to afford a portrait session, it’s about honoring them and sharing an inspiring story with others. joys and strength are to be shared and i can’t wait to see the people I get to tell you about.”

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Here’s the guidelines…

1) You must nominate them. (and not tell them you did so)

2) Send me their story and why they inspire you and others in one page or less (attached word document)

3) Include their contact info: email and phone.

4) Nominations can be sent in at any time during the month. I will likely choose and let the person know by the last week.

5) All the information should be sent to abbeymoorephoto@gmail.com with Inspira(shown) as the subject.

I even begin to tell you all how excited I am about this. I have an idea in the works for the first project — but please, send in submissions. No story is too small to tell. If there is any person in your life that you think is an inspiration — any age, any gender — please take the time to nominate them. All photos will be given free-of-charge as a thank-you for letting me be a part of your life and telling such an important story.

And if this still doesn’t make a ton of sense, please check out some of my favorite stories that Andria has told. Inspira(shown) is a project that is being taken on by many photographers all over the U.S. and it’s really exciting. Please — lets be a part of it! :)

A story of love and adoption

A story of love and war

A story of a father who survived all

Thank you again — and please, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. :)

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